I know a few people have asked me for a tutorial/some of my methods so I’m finally getting around to doing that.

1. I start out with a pretty basic sketch of what I want in my picture. Something to keep in mind is to not spend too much time with this, as you’ll notice there are some differences between the sketch and the final product and this is because you can deviate from your original plans as you continue draw. I guess what I’m saying is don’t be afraid to change a few things.

This is also the point where I work out my color palette for the piece, now I could talk for a while about colors and all you need to know about them but I’ll just say a few things that I’ve noticed help me out:

-It’s important to use a color more then just once in a piece (with some exceptions). As you can see I picked a few colors and you can see them all throughout the piece.Even just simple things like pac man and the duck sharing the same yellow really brings a nice sense of cohesiveness to your drawing.

-It also helps me to keep my palette pretty simple, because really all I used were three colors, (red, blue, yellow) with some variants. It’s easier to keep it simple if you’re still learning and it makes it easier on the eyes.

If you want to know more about colors I really suggest thoroughly reading all about color theory it’s really important for any artist to learn about.

2.In this step I just set my sketch layer to “multiply” and add base colors to the characters using my newly formed palette. Pretty simple step!

3. After that I add a new layer above the base color color layer and I start to add some shadows and highlights to my drawing. All the highlights should coincide with the light source being mega man’s buster shot. As I’m adding shadows I’m keeping in mind not to introduce any new colors and I continue to stick with my palette.

4. The final step is the longest and most tedious of all…clean up time. I just create a new layer above all the rest of the layers and get to work cleaning up all the sketchiness with just a simple pen tool. I guess the most important thing to remember about this part is to not skimp out, ever. If you find yourself getting lazy just take a break. Just whatever you do don’t make one half look clean and the other half sloppy. I don’t think I need to explain why that isn’t a good idea. Also don’t be afraid to add new things during this time. Especially if it will help save your composition such as this example.

Once you have finally finished the clean up process you will finally be done with your work of art. Anyways that’s about all I can think about for right now, I hope this helps some of you!

Haveyou ever considered doing a tutorial? I really adore your artwork and your age is so amazing to me, I've been drawing everyday for almost ten years and I'm nowhere near as good as you. I'd love to see some tips and methods if you have any you're willing to share!

I can probably make a tutorial sometime, explaining a few methods and things that i do while making art. Thanks anon!